Payment Options

Mobile Market Payment Information

If you are ordering from Mobile Market and see a delivery team member, we are able to receive cash payments if you prefer. We also have options for Credit Card,  Bank Transfer with Atlantic Bank, and Paypal.

Credit Cards are now accepted.  We use a third party secure processor.  Please click this link to be directed to our site.  Please Note  you will need to add your total in ½ of your Mobile Market invoice.  You can pay online directly through the link, or you can use your credit card now with any of our delivery team. Or you can call Kris at 614-6114 to have her process your card.


Bank Transfers Information

Atlantic Bank - #211865043

Ben Dewbury

Discovery Drive 


**Please if you deposit funds into our Atlantic Bank account, either email or

whatsapp us a copy of your deposit receipt. Thank you

Whatsapp # 501-614-6114


Because the mission of our business is to provide jobs and help the economy in

Belize, PayPal is not our preferred method of payment. This is an option that is

only available to those living on the island, Tropic Air Customers and those who are unable to pay by any other method. Our goal is to keep money from the sales in Belize but we are aware

this is an only option for some of our customers. If PayPal is your option, please

call Kris @ 614-6114.