How It Works

Simply add items to your cart and checkout, make sure to clearly state your district in your address.   


Orders are delivered every Wednesday.  We deliver to each route every other week. Corozal, Belize City and Tropic Air Customers are delivered in the same week.  Cayo, Belmopan, Spanish Lookout and all of the southern Location are in the same delivery week.   Please note the next delivery day at the top of the webpage. To receive your order the same week as you order, please submit your order by Friday at Midnight (11:59:59 pm).

Cayo, Belmopan and Belize City deliveries are made right to the location indicated in your shipping address.  If your location in the outlying villages is off the highway the delivery team will contact you to set up a meet spot close to the main roads.

Tropic Air deliveries are made to Tropic Air Cargo in Belize City and will then be transported by Tropic Air to your nearest airport. Your order will then be stored at Tropic Air facilities where you are required to pick up from. Please note that the customer is responsible to pay for all Tropic Air fees and Mobile Market is not held liable for any damages or spoiled products upon order pickup. Please note all travel warnings on products.

For deliveries to Corozal there are 2 pickup locations. Consejo Shores and Corozal Town. Please note which one you desire in your address.

Southern Route  We travel every other Wednesday to a stop in Dangriga, 2 spots in Placencia, at the reserve and if you are interested in another meet up spot along the route we are certainly game  We will create new pick up locations as needs arise.  Find 4 friends to place an order and we will make the trek to you!  Let us know @ 6146114 where a good spot for you would be.


We are currently able to accept cash on delivery, bank transfers and credit card payments. If paying by Bank Transfer, please send an email with payment confirmation. We use a 3rd party Credit card processor so you will need to finish your check out then go to the link.

For any additional information please feel free to email 

Please note Tropic Air will not receive any payments for the Mobile Market.