Terrence & Andrea (Marenco's @ Home)

by Mobile Market

Terrence and Andrea met and fell in love at the University of Belize. They now run a restaurant together called Marencos that is located right across from where they first met. Originally started by Andrea’s mother in Punta Gorda, Marencos and all of her mom’s delicious recipes were given to Terrence and Andrea as a wedding gift. They faithfully offer comforting dishes to homesick University students and many others in the Belmopan area. Seeking to be a “home away from home” Terrence and Andrea get to know their customers and gladly fulfill their specific requests. To this couple, Marenco’s is their full time ministry where they seek to offer quality food, a gathering place, and to love their customers the best they can. 

The Mobile Market has been so fortunate to be able to carry some of Marenco’s famous products, so that you can enjoy them in the convenience of your own home. From their flavorful stuffed jacks and onion sauce, to their addictingly gooey brownies, we can’t get enough of Marenco’s @ Home. Make a burrito, with their tortilla balls and marinated chicken and you will feel like you are eating at the famous Marenco’s restaurant from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Make sure to check out all of the Marnco’s @ Home products right here on the Mobile Market.