Rebecca (Sunnybrook Farms)

by Mobile Market

Rebecca moved with her family from Germany to Belize years ago. While living in a mennonite community, she learned how to collect pig lard and use it to make soaps. A little while later, she switched to making mostly vegan soap products out of coconut oil, shea butter, and caster oil. She started selling her soaps, plants and other products at the Farmers Market at Blue Moon as SunnyBrook Farms. She quickly gained a following of people who loved her soaps and products. She continued to learn from local Belizeans the effects and properties that different plants can have. She developed a soap using Neem and Madre de Cocoa that does wonders for dogs who have fleas. She discovered that it could also be used as a natural pesticide spray for plants. Another one of her very popular products is her coffee scrub face soap, which has been found to do wonders for people with acne. Rebecca’s innovation and use of natural products has given her a reputation in Belize for creating quality products that really work. 

The Mobile Market has been fortunate enough to carry some of Rebecca’s best selling products. From her flea soap and pesticide granules, to beautiful soap packages to use in the home and more. We love everything that we have tried from SunnyBrook and are so happy to be able to share it with our valued customers. Rebbeca’s products can still be purchased at the Farmer’s Market at Blue Moon. She loves creating and living in Belize and is a joy to work with. Make sure you stop by and say hi to her at the Market next time you are in Belmopan.