Julie (Julie's Zucchini Salsa)

by Mobile Market

Julie has been making her salsa for more than 20 years. She made it every fall back in Alberta, Canada after she harvested her garden. Once she moved here to Belize she made it for herself and to share with her friends and guests at Wish Willy River Cabanas. She was told that she could sell it and people would buy it. So, a year ago, during the slow season, she started selling it at the San Ignacio Market. She now makes it fresh almost daily with veggies purchased from her local market to sample & sell at the San Ignacio Market, at the Blue Moon Market in Belmopan, as well as for the Mobile Market. People love to shop local for Belizean made products and she loves them for that. She is now Belizean and Belize is her forever home. She loves the people, the wildlife and the culture. She tries to attend any and all events held in SISE and loves being a part of her community. We have really enjoyed the fresh flavours in her salsa and recommend that you try it for yourself!