Arlen (Lapp's Dairy)

by Mobile Market

Arlen came to Belize 25 years ago to teach at a local mennonite school. Shortly after, he met his wife while working at Homestead Acres Ltd. Now living in Esperanza Village they have 2 children and Arlen continues to assist occasionally as a teacher while also being a pastor for the local mennonite church. As their children grew older, Arlen began to think of ways to keep their two boys busy while teaching them life skills and that is when Lapp’s Dairy began. Getting jersey cows for their property they began creating their series of milk products, one of them being his famous ice cream. They now sell fresh and delicious milk, yogurt, chocolate milk, cottage cheese, and many flavours of ice cream. Lapp’s Dairy products can be found in Esperanza Village and Belmopan at Caribbean Chicken locations and are also available through the Mobile Market. We personally enjoy and can attest to the quality of Lapp’s products.